StoryForge Productions

StoryForge Productions

Whaddaya know, I’ve been officially inducted into the creative team at StoryForge Productions! So excited to be involved with this group of talented people!



I composed a fun, kick-ass theme for a new podcast called Critical Hit, brought to you by the good folks at StoryForge Productions! The show takes a look at film, television, games and comics with this question in mind: what makes for great storytelling?


This short film written and directed by the talented Robbie Ikegami is now available for public viewing online! The story takes a look at the lives of a young couple in Los Angeles, seven years into their marriage, as they make an effort to bring some life to their otherwise lackluster relationship. The film’s style is heavily inspired by French classics—even the narration is entirely in French—and the music follows suit.

Speaking of the music: atypical to my usual composing process, I was asked to create the main theme for the film before seeing any footage. This theme is presented as “Happier Times” on the soundtrack, and happened to work well enough to serve as the score for the Super 8mm “flashback” reel scene. And toward the end of the film, Gus plays a meandering rendition of this theme on the piano in their apartment—that’s “At the Piano (Source)” on the soundtrack.

I love figuring out how to solve the unique challenges each project brings to the table. The score for this film had to be smaller in scale and more intimate than just about any other project I’ve worked on, in a style of music I’ve never before attempted. It was great fun to work within those constraints. I hope you enjoy the film and the soundtrack!

168 Film Festival

Congratulations to the cast, crew and our fearless leader Liz Hewes on the continuing success of The Trouble with Gum, a film I scored for Team 146 of the 168 Film Project. Our film is one of the 22 finalists in this year’s 168 Film Festival, and it’s been nominated in the categories of Best Comedy, Best Screenplay (Comedy) and Best Supporting Actor!

Check out this page for music from The Trouble With Gum. And here’s the teaser trailer!

Wheelmen & Co.

I worked with director (and fellow University of North Carolina School of the Arts alum) Nick Leopold on a commercial for Wheelmen & Company, a wonderful accessories and apparel establishment based right here in Los Angeles. Their products are very high in quality and designed and produced entirely in the United States! Wheelmen’s mission, as described on their website, “is to create functional, durable accessories and apparel using classic lines and styles reborn for the 21st century.”

The aim of this commercial (and its score) was to exemplify the sophistication of Wheelmen’s products and to represent their distinctly American design. I think we pulled that off extremely well, and we’re very proud of what we made for Wheelmen!

Also, I’d like to give a special thanks to my friend Jonathan Mallaley for performing and recording the guitar parts for this score! This guy is super-fun to work with, and our recording session went very smoothly. Jonathan doesn’t have a website for his guitar work right now, but he operates a thriving nation-wide tutoring business based in Los Angeles. If you or your kids need tutoring in one of a variety of academic subjects (or SAT and ACT test preparation), Tried and True Tutoring is the place to go!

Without furthur ado, here’s our commercial!


I am very pleased to announce that When Will Tomorrow End?, a short film I scored last year and directed by my friend Robbie Ikegami, won the Audience Choice Award for January 2013 at the HollyShorts monthly screenings! This earns the film a spot at this year’s HollyShorts Film Festival, which will take place August 15-25, 2013, at Hollywood's famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Read the official announcement from HollyShorts’ blog here.

In celebration of this exciting news, I’m giving away free* digital copies of the soundtrack! Download here. Enjoy!

*NOTE: This music is protected by copyright. By downloading this music, you agree it is for standalone listening purposes only and that any other use of it without permission is strictly prohibited.

Hope Again

Last week, I scored this informational video for a cool non-profit organization called Hope Again. Their mission is simply to serve the poor, homeless, and disenfranchised in the Hollywood area, assisting those who are trapped in poverty, crime and substance abuse. Please check out the video to find out more!

HOPE AGAIN logo.jpg

GOLDEN GOAL! Premieres May 19, 2011

Hi, all! I'm very excited to announce that, according to my partner-in-crime and co-composer for the movie Golden Goal!Deane Ogden—the aforementioned film is set to premiere in Jakarta, Indonesia, tomorrow, May 19th, at Planet Hollywood. It'll have a two-month run in over a hundred theaters throughout southeast Asia—this includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Should the film prove successful in those venues, there's a possibility it will roll out to China and Thailand, as well! I'll keep you all posted if that happens.


Golden Goal! is a fun, hilarious sports comedy film that composer Deane Ogden and I scored last year. In general, Deane took on more of the "rock" sections of the music, while I provided much of the orchestral elements and themes.

I realize that with most of my audience being in the U.S., much of you probably won't have the opportunity to see this film, but I'll share what I can when I can.

UPDATE: According to this Twitter post from Deane Ogden, profits from Golden Goal! will go toward support of medical services for children born with AIDS, via the Syair Untuk Sahabat Foundation. Great idea, and a good cause

Additional Music for CHUCK and HUMAN TARGET

Set your DVRs, point your web browser to Hulu or Amazon, or load up iTunes! This month, I lent a helping hand to composer (and all-around awesome guy) Tim Jones by providing a bit of additional score for two episodes of NBC's Chuck and an episode of FOX's Human Target. To hear my music, check out Chuck's season 4, episodes 12 and 13—"Chuck vs. the Gobbler" and "Chuck vs. the Push Mix"—and Human Target's season 2, episode 11—"Kill Bob." (Really, you all should be watching these shows, anyway. They're a blast—sometimes literally!)


And sorry, I'm pretty sure I can't share this music on my site. If you want to hear it (and I really hope you do), don't hesitate to shoot me an email!

Children’s Hunger Fund

I just had the opportunity to write some music for this non-profit organization: Children's Hunger Fund. The mission of CHF seems quite self-explanatory, but I seriously urge you to take a look here for more information.

Or, you could watch this informational video about the organization! I provided the first musical cue that plays in the video. Enjoy!