Hi, all! I'm very excited to announce that, according to my partner-in-crime and co-composer for the movie Golden Goal!Deane Ogden—the aforementioned film is set to premiere in Jakarta, Indonesia, tomorrow, May 19th, at Planet Hollywood. It'll have a two-month run in over a hundred theaters throughout southeast Asia—this includes Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Should the film prove successful in those venues, there's a possibility it will roll out to China and Thailand, as well! I'll keep you all posted if that happens.


Golden Goal! is a fun, hilarious sports comedy film that composer Deane Ogden and I scored last year. In general, Deane took on more of the "rock" sections of the music, while I provided much of the orchestral elements and themes.

I realize that with most of my audience being in the U.S., much of you probably won't have the opportunity to see this film, but I'll share what I can when I can.

UPDATE: According to this Twitter post from Deane Ogden, profits from Golden Goal! will go toward support of medical services for children born with AIDS, via the Syair Untuk Sahabat Foundation. Great idea, and a good cause