The Trouble with Gum

The Trouble With Gum.jpg

This film was created for the 168 Film Project, an international filmmaking competition in which each participating team must produce a ten-minute short film in exactly one week. I had three days to complete about eight minutes of music! It was tough, even brutal at times—I definitely pulled an all-nighter for the last couple cues—but the results were worth it.

Stay tuned for updates on the film’s success in the 168 Film Festival, and for more music from the film! 

Wheelmen & Co.

I worked with director (and fellow University of North Carolina School of the Arts alum) Nick Leopold on a commercial for Wheelmen & Company, a wonderful accessories and apparel establishment based right here in Los Angeles. Their products are very high in quality and designed and produced entirely in the United States! Wheelmen’s mission, as described on their website, “is to create functional, durable accessories and apparel using classic lines and styles reborn for the 21st century.”

The aim of this commercial (and its score) was to exemplify the sophistication of Wheelmen’s products and to represent their distinctly American design. I think we pulled that off extremely well, and we’re very proud of what we made for Wheelmen.

Also, I’d like to give a special thanks to my friend Jonathan Mallaley for performing and recording the guitar parts for this score! This guy is super-fun to work with, and our recording session went very smoothly. Jonathan doesn’t have a website for his guitar work right now, but he operates a thriving nation-wide tutoring business based in Los Angeles. If you or your kids need tutoring in one of a variety of academic subjects (or SAT and ACT test preparation), Tried and True Tutoring is the place to go!

Without furthur ado, here’s our commercial!

Children’s Hunger Fund®: President’s Retreat

I got to work with Children’s Hunger Fund® again on a big event called the President’s Retreat. With the talented media team over at CHF, we put together some great videos for the presentation. I’d love to share with you some of the music I wrote for these videos. Here’s a sample!

When Will Tomorrow End

dir. Robbie Ikegami 

This short film written and directed by the talented Robbie Ikegami takes a look at the lives of a young couple in Los Angeles, seven years into their marriage, as they make an effort to bring some life to their otherwise lackluster relationship. The film’s style is heavily inspired by French classics—even the narration is entirely in French—and the music follows suit.

Speaking of the music: atypical to my usual composing process, I was asked to create the main theme for the film before seeing any footage. This theme is presented as “Happier Times” on the soundtrack, and happened to work well enough to serve as the score for the Super 8mm “flashback” reel scene. And toward the end of the film, Gus plays a meandering rendition of this theme on the piano in their apartment—that’s “At the Piano (Source)” on the soundtrack.

I love figuring out how to solve the unique challenges each project brings to the table. The score for this film had to be smaller in scale and more intimate than just about any other project I’ve worked on, in a style of music I’ve never before attempted. It was great fun to work within those constraints. I hope you enjoy the film, embedded below for your viewing pleasure! And If you like the music and want to download it, please consider purchasing your own digital copies on iTunesAmazonGoogle Play, or listen on Apple Music and Spotify!

Children’s Hunger Fund®: “About CHF”

I had the opportunity to write some music for this non-profit organization: Children’s Hunger Fund®. The mission of CHF seems quite self-explanatory, but I seriously urge you to take a look here for more information.

Or, you could watch this informational video about the organization! I provided the first musical cue that plays in the video. Enjoy!

CBS Television Distribution


I wrote music specially for CBS’s own in-house music library, which is featured in such primetime television programs as Dr. PhilThe Oprah Winfrey ShowRachael RayEntertainment Tonight, and several others.

Here are some samples of the varying genres I was called upon to compose! 

Bad Faith

Composer and SCOREcast founder Deane Ogden contacted me about helping him finish writing the score for this film. This was my first gig since moving to Los Angeles, CA, so it was very exciting for me to be involved. I contributed about 15 minutes of music for Bad Faith, most of which can be heard in the audio player below. Enjoy!


dir. Roberto Estrella Froment


I had the opportunity to write my first score for a feature-length film way back in the summer of 2008. What resulted was over 25 minutes of music for a wonderful film about fighting for your dreams.  While the gig ultimately didn't work out — the filmmakers decided to go in a different direction, musically — I'm still extremely glad I took the chance.  The film's writer and director, Roberto Froment, is a really awesome guy, and he has continued to help me fight for my own dream as I pursue my career as a film composer.

Fighter, vis-à-vis the film, has gone through a few changes since 2008, including a renaming to Anything Goes (Vale Todo). It is slated to release to theaters and DVD on May 4, 2010; go watch it when it comes out!

Fighter is available as a digital download. Reverbnation has made it very easy to create an online "store", so I'm giving it a shot with this album. So…