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Children’s Hunger Fund®: President’s Retreat 2015

Children’s Hunger Fund® and I collaborated once again on videos for their “President’s Retreat” event in 2015. Previously established themes and motifs are hinted at, but many new themes are prominent this time around!




Children’s Hunger Fund®: President’s Retreat 2014


Children’s Hunger Fund® and I joined forces again to producing videos for their  “President’s Retreat” event. It gave me the opportunity to revisit themes and motifs from the previous President’s Retreat, and create new ones!

Hope Again

This is an informational video I scored for a cool non-profit organization called Hope Again. Their mission is simply to serve the poor, homeless, and disenfranchised in the Hollywood area, assisting those who are trapped in poverty, crime and substance abuse. Please check out the video to find out more!

HOPE AGAIN logo.jpg

Children’s Hunger Fund®: “About CHF”

I had the opportunity to write some music for this non-profit organization: Children’s Hunger Fund®. The mission of CHF seems quite self-explanatory, but I seriously urge you to take a look here for more information.

Or, you could watch this informational video about the organization! I provided the first musical cue that plays in the video. Enjoy!