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Golden Goal!


dir. Mirwan Suwarso

Golden Goal! is a fun, hilarious sports comedy film that composer Deane Ogden and I scored last year. In general, Deane took on more of the “rock” sections of the music, while I provided much of the orchestral elements and themes.

Bad Faith

Composer and SCOREcast founder Deane Ogden contacted me about helping him finish writing the score for this film. This was my first gig since moving to Los Angeles, CA, so it was very exciting for me to be involved. I contributed about 15 minutes of music for Bad Faith, most of which can be heard in the audio player below. Enjoy!


dir. Roberto Estrella Froment


I had the opportunity to write my first score for a feature-length film way back in the summer of 2008. What resulted was over 25 minutes of music for a wonderful film about fighting for your dreams.  While the gig ultimately didn't work out — the filmmakers decided to go in a different direction, musically — I'm still extremely glad I took the chance.  The film's writer and director, Roberto Froment, is a really awesome guy, and he has continued to help me fight for my own dream as I pursue my career as a film composer.

Fighter, vis-à-vis the film, has gone through a few changes since 2008, including a renaming to Anything Goes (Vale Todo). It is slated to release to theaters and DVD on May 4, 2010; go watch it when it comes out!

Fighter is available as a digital download. Reverbnation has made it very easy to create an online "store", so I'm giving it a shot with this album. So…

And We Will Dance

Portrait artist and painter Steve Childs, after hearing my score for the short film Smoke Like Ribbons, approached me about a documentary project with the dance students of the UNC School of the Arts. The project sounded incredibly creative and challenging, and I was flattered that Steve trusted me to write music which would contrast so heavily from what he’d heard in Smoke Like Ribbons — that was, essentially, a dramatic horror film.  Much like the dancers within the film, the score for And We Will Dance had to have beauty, flow effortlessly, and have a rhythm to it.  Even though there was only about twenty minutes of score written — the rest was filled with music from some amazing independent bands and other artists — I knew this music had to be extremely special, and the kind of quality I needed in the musical performances could not be accomplished synthetically (i.e. with sampled instruments).

Fortunately, I had just returned to my hometown of New Albany, Indiana, for the summer, and was able to enlist the talents of my mother, Helen Bohannon, to perform all the violin parts for the score.  I also wanted to involve some budding talent in the area; Chelsea Getty recorded the cello parts.  Between the two musicians, they helped bring the kind of “heart” the score really needed, which I couldn’t have gotten from sampled instruments.

If you like this music and want to download it, please consider purchasing your own digital copies on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or listen on Apple Music and Spotify!