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Wheelmen & Co.

I worked with director (and fellow University of North Carolina School of the Arts alum) Nick Leopold on a commercial for Wheelmen & Company, a wonderful accessories and apparel establishment based right here in Los Angeles. Their products are very high in quality and designed and produced entirely in the United States! Wheelmen’s mission, as described on their website, “is to create functional, durable accessories and apparel using classic lines and styles reborn for the 21st century.”

The aim of this commercial (and its score) was to exemplify the sophistication of Wheelmen’s products and to represent their distinctly American design. I think we pulled that off extremely well, and we’re very proud of what we made for Wheelmen.

Also, I’d like to give a special thanks to my friend Jonathan Mallaley for performing and recording the guitar parts for this score! This guy is super-fun to work with, and our recording session went very smoothly. Jonathan doesn’t have a website for his guitar work right now, but he operates a thriving nation-wide tutoring business based in Los Angeles. If you or your kids need tutoring in one of a variety of academic subjects (or SAT and ACT test preparation), Tried and True Tutoring is the place to go!

Without furthur ado, here’s our commercial!