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Imagine Finding Me

In the midst of grieving the death of a mother with whom she was never close, a young woman visits beloved places from her past and ends up running into herself as a child, getting an opportunity to be for herself what her mother never was.




The Parcel


The unexpected delivery of a parcel from Ben's recently deceased father threatens to disrupt his orderly life.

The Trouble with Gum

The Trouble with Gum poster.JPG

This film was created for the 168 Film Project, an international filmmaking competition in which each participating team must produce a ten-minute short film in exactly one week. I had three days to complete about eight minutes of music! It was tough, even brutal at times—I definitely pulled an all-nighter for the last couple cues—but the results were worth it.

Stay tuned for updates on the film’s success in the 168 Film Festival, and for more music from the film! 




When Will Tomorrow End


This short film written and directed by the talented Robbie Ikegami takes a look at the lives of a young couple in Los Angeles, seven years into their marriage, as they make an effort to bring some life to their otherwise lackluster relationship. The film’s style is heavily inspired by French classics—even the narration is entirely in French—and the music follows suit.

Speaking of the music: atypical to my usual composing process, I was asked to create the main theme for the film before seeing any footage. This theme is presented as “Happier Times” on the soundtrack, and happened to work well enough to serve as the score for the Super 8mm “flashback” reel scene. And toward the end of the film, Gus plays a meandering rendition of this theme on the piano in their apartment—that’s “At the Piano (Source)” on the soundtrack.

I love figuring out how to solve the unique challenges each project brings to the table. The score for this film had to be smaller in scale and more intimate than just about any other project I’ve worked on, in a style of music I’ve never before attempted. It was great fun to work within those constraints. I hope you enjoy the film, embedded below for your viewing pleasure! And If you like the music and want to download it, please consider purchasing your own digital copies on iTunesAmazonGoogle Play, or listen on Apple Music and Spotify!




Formerly titled Paradise

dir. Alex Moratto